Who Am I?

My name is Shane Wieters. I am an Entrepreneur, Author, Musician, and Investor but despite these I would like to cumulatively believe myself to be a creative. Apart from business and the likes, I have a deep rooted passion for creation. Whether it is music, sculpting, drawing, painting, web design, graphic design, branding, marketing or simply creating solutions I find myself immersed in it. Above all else, however, I am a problem solver or a solution creator, if you will and believe that every problem cannot exist without its equal and opposite. Solution. I help people find these solutions and ultimately guide them to discovering balance in their lives.

My Story

Simply put I am a student of the Universe and am on a quest for balance and success in my life. I am the CEO and Founder of Manager Mint, LLC & Companies which included, Manager Mint Media, the Biz Direct, Virtual Stock Ex and this site, ShaneWieters.com. I am also a self-published author of Mindset and Investing Books. You can find my titles: A Conversation With The Universe, A Perfect Mindset, and The Best Book For Beginning Investing on Amazon in Paperback, Digital, and Audiobook formats.

Next Steps…

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