A Conversation With The Universe: A Journey Into One’s Mind

A Conversation With The Universe: A Journey Into Ones Mind is a story of self-reflection, diving into the mind to find out how we are all innately tied to the universe, how it affects our lives and choices we make determine the outcome of our lives. Find out why having the right perspective in life helps us to make the right choices allowing us to discover true balance that can ultimately propel us in ways we have yet to discover. .

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“A Conversation with the Universe has become one of my favorite books that I will continues to share and re-read. This book shares insight, new and balanced perspectives, not just of the world around us, but deep within us as individuals. It describes the Universe and the world around us and teaches us new practices to become more evolved humans. Definitely worth the read if you’re a fan of self-awareness and improvement.”

“This is a terrific book to pick up and read at your leisure, it’s thought provoking and challenges you to think about your life from an entirely new perspective. The author does a really good job drawing from his past life experiences, while sharing a message that is universal to everyone because there is no right or wrong opinions here, no judgement about your past or present circumstances, but a thought invoking dialogue about your journey through life.”

Journey Into One’s Mind to improve your mindset and change your perspective in life